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Cover After Oriental Despotism

After Oriental Despotism

Eurasian Growth in a Global Perspective

Erschienen 2014 bei Bloomsbury Academic
Sprache: English
192 Seiten; 233 mm x 156 mm
ISBN 978-1-4725-2678-6


Introduction: The Scope and Aims
1. The Historical Dimension of Economic Backwardness
2. Beyond Asiatic Despotism: Territorial Power and State Construction in Eurasia
3. The Power of the Steppe: the Mongol Heritage and the Expansion of the Muscovy
4. Slavery and Trade in Central Asia and Russia
5. Nor Feudalism or Capitalism : Agrarian Markets under Coercion
6. Beyond Economic Backwardness. Labor and Growth in Eurasia in the Long Nineteenth Century Conclusion : Russia in a Globalizing World Bibliography Index


By revisiting the history of Russia and Eurasia in the context of global history, Stanziani is successful in breaking a number of our preconceptions. Indispensable for those who are keen to reconsider the conventional narrative and understanding of the history of the world. Haneda Masashi, Professor of History, University of Tokyo, Japan 20131206

Kurztext / Annotation

This highly original analysis of Eurasian history in a global context challenges existing perceptions of modernization, democracy and economic growth.


The concepts of economic backwardness, Asiatic despotism and orientalism have strongly influenced perceptions of modernization, democracy and economic growth over the last three centuries. This book provides an original view of Russian and Asian history that views both in a global perspective. Via this analysis, Alessandro Stanziani opens new dimensions in the study of state formation, the global slave trade, warfare and European and Asian growth.

After Oriental Despotism questions conventional oppositions between Europe and Asia. By revisiting the history of Eurasia in this context, the book offers a serious challenge to existing ideas about the aims and goals of economic growth.

Biografische Anmerkung zu den Verfassern

Stanziani, Alessandro
Alessandro Stanziani is Director of Studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France



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